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How can I recover my Facebook account without Gmail or mobile number and forgotten my password?

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Guide to Recover Old Facebook Account without Gmail or Mobile Phone Number (If Forgot Email or Phone Number Changed)

It is typical that people get their Facebook account obstructed or disabled. But everyone doesn’t know how to recover old Facebook account password without using Gmail, mobile phone number and some other information. On the other hand this guide is hosting likely to cover several locations of Free Facebook login and also password problems. So right here I will teach you if there is an opportunity of how to recover Facebook password without verification reset code - Facebook account recovery.

Currently here is the important point you have to bear in mind that this tutorial will be of help to you if you forgot your username or that you Facebook account was hacked as well as your password to change. First off I will certainly be offering you the method for Facebook Recover account that has being disabled utilizing your e-mail address or contact number then making use of full name as well as friends name to identify your account.

Steps to Recover Facebook Account Password without Mobile Phone Number

1. Now I will be giving just the easiest means to recover Facebook account if you have forgotten password to your Facebook account.
2. Logon to Facebook Login Page
3. Currently on Facebook Sign In web page clicks on “Forgot your password”.
4. Afterwards Facebook login and password reset page will show up.
5. Choose your favored ways of fetching you Facebook Account: either through e-mail, Yahoo account or Phone number.
6. At the same time, for the objective of this tutorial I will certainly be utilizing the Facebook account recover making use of Yahoo account. Note that each option is similar to each other.
7. If you click on “Use my Yahoo account” and afterwards click on Continue, open your email inbox to obtain your confirmation code.
8. Enter the code appropriately on the specified room and also click continue.
9. Proceed to create a strong password which should just be recognized to you.
10. Afterwards, click “Continue” and also you Facebook Recover an account process is total.

Recover Facebook Account without E-mail

1. Log on to Facebook Login Page.
2. Now get in e-mail address or Phone number of the field specified for it.
3. There on the display you will certainly see a link showing that you had forget your password.
4. Click “Forget Password”.
5. Afterwards, enter your username, e-mail or Mobile Phone number to recognize your Facebook account.
6. Now you will certainly click on “No longer access to these” to continue to following page.
7. Now enter a valid e-mail address to obtain it signed up appropriately.
8. After that having being wear you will certainly currently have all your security concerns addressed appropriately.
9. Afterwards, if your solutions were right your Facebook recover an account without email is finished.

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Anonymous said...

Please I am in desperate need of recovering my old Facebook account
unfortunately by mistake I created a new one thinking I was logging in to
my original one I always log in with my phone number and my password so now
I have two of them with the same phone number and password but it's only
giving me the new one that's not what I want I need my old Facebook back